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Welcome to the Kindergarten Aviation Adventures of the KHAA Aviation STEM Program! In this exciting journey, young learners will take their first steps into the world of aviation, aerospace, and STEM. These lessons are designed to inspire curiosity, encourage exploration, and ignite a passion for learning. Through hands-on activities, engaging experiments, and immersive experiences, Kindergarten students will discover the wonders of flight, space, and the natural world around them.

Lesson 1: Aviation Alphabet:
Explore the ABCs of aviation as we journey through the aviation alphabet. From airplanes to zeppelins, students will discover the fascinating vocabulary of flight.

Lesson 2: Paper Airplane Pioneers:
Dive into the world of paper airplanes, engineering your own creations, and learning about the principles of flight.

Lesson 3: Up, Up, and Away:
Soar into the skies as we study different types of aircraft, from helicopters to hot air balloons, and understand how they achieve lift.

Lesson 4: Birds of a Feather:
Investigate the similarities between birds and airplanes, discovering how nature has inspired human flight.

Lesson 5: Weather Watchers:
Learn about the role of weather in aviation, exploring the basics of meteorology and its impact on flight.

Lesson 6: Counting Clouds:
Dive into the science of clouds, observing their various shapes and sizes and understanding their connection to weather.

Lesson 7: Astronaut Adventures:
Blast off into space exploration, meeting astronauts and discovering what it's like to travel beyond Earth.

Lesson 8: Rocket Science:
Investigate the science of rockets, building and launching your own small-scale rockets to understand the principles of propulsion.

Lesson 9: Space Shapes:
Explore the shapes and patterns in the night sky, identifying constellations and learning about the universe.

Lesson 10: Future Aviators:
Dream big as we meet real-life aviators and imagine our own future adventures in aviation.

 These lessons will introduce Kindergarten students to the wonders of aviation and provide a solid foundation for their future STEM education. Each lesson is designed to be hands-on, engaging, and aligned with national STEM standards, making learning a fun and inspiring adventure. Stay tuned for more exciting aviation experiences as we journey through the KHAA Aviation STEM Program!


Lesson Title Science Technology Engineering Mathematics
Lesson 1: Aviation Alphabet
Lesson 2: Paper Airplane Pioneers
Lesson 3: Up, Up, and Away
Lesson 4: Birds of a Feather
Lesson 5: Weather Watchers
Lesson 6: Counting Clouds
Lesson 7: Astronaut Adventures
Lesson 8: Rocket Science
Lesson 9: Space Shapes
Lesson 10: Future Aviators